How It Works

Save content from anywhere under a single app.

Tap the share button from any mobile browser or app and choose the “Save to Pencircle” option to bookmark content you want to save for later.

Create your own magazines

With Pencircle’s zine feature, you can create your own mini-magazine to organize your content for private use or for sharing publicly.

Easily organise your content into zines

Your zine could be used to tell a story, or fit content into a coherent narrative, or could just be a collection of your work under a common theme.

Publish your zine and earn subscribers

Publish your zines and become an influencer or expert in the field of your interest.

Discover content by other creators

Search for a topic you like and follow other creators and zines.

Here’s how our users are making the most out of Pencircle!

Pencircle is for everyone!

Hobbyist? Organise all content related to your passion in zines. Follow zines created by others and also gain subscribers of your own.

Businessman? Keep your research and business notes handy and easily access them anytime.

Student? Collect content for your studies, and category wise refer anytime conveniently.

Writer? Refer to content you liked previously, bookmark it and add value to your writing.

Pencircle is completely safe and secure.

We do not ask for or save your personal information. Our mission is to help you easily access the information you find useful and important.